This program allows AIEQ members to obtain financial aid in order to invite lecturers to an international conference on Quebec or on a topic that calls for knowledge of Quebec, including in an interdisciplinary, intercultural or comparative context.


Domestic and international sites.


The support granted by AIEQ generally consists of fare reimbursement for the person invited to speak at the conference. The scientific committee can, at its own discretion and depending on the available budget, accept to fund other expenses related to the project.


  • March 1st for projects taking place in the summer
  • September 1st for projects taking place in the fall
  • December 1st for projects taking place in the spring

The application results will be revealed at the end of the month following the deadline.

Send your application before the activity.


  • Be a member of AIEQ.
  • Hold a graduate degree (Master’s or PhD).
  • Invite lecturers who :
    • are members of AIEQ.
    • hold a graduate degree (Master’s or PhD).
    • have not received aid from AIEQ in the past 12 months.
    • will speak at the conference being organized.
    • will each provide a resume (of up to 3 pages)
  • Complete the form found in your member area, under « Forms ».
  • Attach your resume (of up to 3 pages )
  • Display AIEQ as a sponsor.
  • Present a report 60 days after the activity.